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NETFLIX Film ‘Holiday in the Wild’ puts Zambia on World Map


A Netflix Romantic Comedy starring Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis is set to put Zambia on World Map.

The film which was directed by Ernie Barbarash and written by Neal and Tippi Dobrofsky, is based on an Elephant Orphanage in Lilayi, Zambia.

Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis get into the Christmas spirit in the first trailer for Netflix’s Holiday in the Wild.

When her son leaves for college, Manhattanite Kate Conrad (Kristin Davis) books a second honeymoon with her husband. Before they set out for the vacation, though, he leaves her. The jilted Kate decides to take the trip to Africa for a solo safari, where she meets pilot Derek Holliston (Rob Lowe). After they rescue an orphaned baby elephant, Kate and Derek decide to nurse the animal back to health, and she extends her trip through Christmas time.

The trailer opens with Derek approaching Kate at a bar. When he asks her if she’s vacationing in Zambia, he points out that she’s sitting at a table alone. “Two days ago he told me that our marriage was over,” she angrily tells him about her husband. “Two hours ago I landed here on what was supposed to be our second honeymoon by myself.”

Following their negative first encounter, Kate and Derek set out on a flight around the safari. During the hostile flight, Derek makes an emergency stop when he spots an elephant that recently lost its mother at the hands of poachers. The two put aside their differences to take care of the elephant.

Kate soon embraces the village’s celebration of Christmas, saying, “Here at the elephant orphanage, they celebrate all week and there’s no shopping involved.”

Derek and Kate develop a romantic spark while caring for the elephant, despite their hesitation. A turning point in their relationship happens when Derek takes Kate on safari, which was the original purpose of her trip to Africa.

The trailer concludes with Kate admitting that she didn’t plan to stay so long. “You’re falling in love,” Derek tells her before he quickly adds, “With Africa.”

Holiday in the Wild will be on Netflix on November 1.

Image Credit: Netflix


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