Bless Beats Entertainment Presents a K Bless  MixTape for 2017-2019 songs. A MixTape which will blow your mind.

All songs on this MixTape were produced by K Bless.

Download and Enjoy.

01 Without you ft.Chef 187

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4.6 MB115Downloads

02 Iam in love

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3.7 MB94Downloads

03 Dance ft.Kiss B

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3.3 MB73Downloads

04 Cry of an orphan ft.Rostus

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4.1 MB75Downloads

05 Don’t skip that song ft.Jemax & Kiss B

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4.4 MB93Downloads

06 Ukalenjibukisha

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4.0 MB85Downloads

07 Marita ft.Coziem

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3.7 MB83Downloads

08 I hate this drama ft.Rap Martial & K.M.D

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4.4 MB76Downloads

09 Controller ft.Deav

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3.8 MB73Downloads

10 Boooh ft.Rap Martial

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3.8 MB65Downloads

11 Love

Download mp3

3.0 MB77Downloads

12 Go Down Law ft.Muzo & Kiss B

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3.7 MB70Downloads






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