Google Maps has introduced a new way to show search shortcuts on Android. The change brings new pill-shaped search shortcut options right below the main search bar to allow users to take actions faster.

These pill-shaped options bring categories like Restaurants, Petrol, ATMs, Hotels, and more. Earlier, Google Maps used to show these options when you swipe up on the ‘Explore Tab’ shown below the screen, but now this design change brings an ‘always on’ search shortcut feature inside the app.

This change comes with Google Maps v10.28.2 for Android users, and iOS users are yet to get this change. As mentioned, the search shortcut categories shown in the ‘Explore tab’ have now moved to the main screen, and now show up right below the big search bar on top.

These categories also include your saved directions like ‘Home’ or ‘Work’. This allows you to start navigation to your most used search option quickly. This is followed by pill-shaped search shortcuts like ‘Restaurants’, ‘ATMS’, ‘Petrol Stations’, ‘Shopping Centres’, ‘Hotels’, ‘Chemists’, and ‘More’.

The ‘More’ category opens up a list of search shortcuts that you can choose from, with options divided into broad categories like Things to do, Services, and Food and Drink.


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